Public Statement on the Election

To the TSNE Community.

Dear colleagues,

Tuesday’s election results were shocking to many Americans, regardless of which candidate they supported. Millions of people, especially those in marginalized groups targeted during the campaign, are now understandably fearful of what the future holds for them, their families, their friends and neighbors. As our dear friend Maria Elena Letona, Executive Director of Neighbor to Neighbor Massachusetts put it so well,

"The 2016 Presidential election revealed profound schisms in our country around our very identity and our core values. It was an election that laid bare our continued challenges around race, ethnicity, gender and immigration in this country. It was an election about real economic angst and anxiety in the face of excessive wealth and income inequality. It was an election that called into question our commitment to each other and this beautiful planet of ours, the place we all call home."

It’s very difficult to be clear-headed in the immediate aftermath of such a cataclysmic political event. But in the coming days and weeks, it will be vital for us as colleagues and friends to support one another through our fear, our anxiety and ultimately our healing, to be guided by courage and by kindness and compassion towards all.

As an organization, TSNE will rededicate ourselves to the vision, principles and issues that brought us together for our heart-driven, mission-focused work and we will redouble our efforts to create a society where misogyny, racism, scapegoating and hatred are unacceptable behavioral norms.

This election is a call to action. At TSNE we pledge to reject divisiveness, embrace inclusiveness and speak to and support the best instincts of our country, its people and institutions, in our interactions with constituents, in the design and implementation of our programs, and in our daily lives.

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