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Feb 13 2014
What follows reflects the insights and future-thinking shared in a fall 2005 interview with TSNE by Vinjay Bhagat, founder of Convio, an Internet software and services company providing online Constituent Relationship Management solutions for nonprofits. → More
Feb 13 2014
Dean Allemang, chief scientist at TopQuadrant, Inc., demystifies newsfeed technologies and describes what unique value they provide in the information landscape of the Web. → More
Feb 13 2014
Rebranding Can Help Your Nonprofit Stand Out from the Crowd → More
Feb 13 2014 | By Michelle Murrain, Principal MetaCentric Technology Advising
There are many sources of information for nonprofits regarding technology, and there is a wide variety of organizations that provide this information for non-profit decision makers. Like all content and media, this information is generally copyrighted. In... → More
Feb 13 2014 | By Hyoun Park Aberdeen Group
Hyoun Park, research editor at Aberdeen Group, shares research and advice on ways non-profit organizations can use videoconferencing to save time and money, especially in these challenging times. → More