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Mar 29 2017 | By Ning Jun Yuan, Online Communications Specialist
Asylum and immigrant rights organization presented on current legal landscape, rights, and resources for immigrants and supporters. → More
Mar 02 2017 | By Lee Swislow, Interim Chief Executive Officer, TSNE
Nonprofit Political ActivismSadly, there is much to be afraid of as we see the policies of the new administration roll out. Immigrants, Muslims, transgender youth have all seen attacks, and this is only the beginning of how the new administration’s policies are impacting people in our... → More
Sep 14 2016 | By Sandy St. Louis, Director of Strategic Communications and Marketing
Patience and resolve are at the heart of David Stroh’s model in his new book Systems Thinking for Social Change. → More
Jul 12 2016 | By Jonathan Spack, Chief Executive Officer
The persistent complaint from the philanthropic community that there are "too many nonprofits" has become so commonplace in recent months that it’s become something of a cliché within our sector. And like many clichés, this one has a deceptively... → More
May 03 2016 | By Active Living By Design
Discover this fresh new model of community-driven change for creating healthy communities. → More
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Apr 29 2014 | By Jonathan Spack, Executive Director Third Sector New England
A potentially revolutionary change in the way the Internal Revenue Service grants public charity status is in the works. Yet despite its far-reaching implications, this dramatic development has to date escaped the notice of most in the sector.  → More
Mar 03 2014 | By TSNE
Nonprofits become involved in public policy and advocacy as a means to impact legislation and generate awareness and support of their missions. Advocacy can take on many forms, including rallies, protests, lobbying with legislatures, media campaigns and more... → More
Feb 13 2014
The 2010 U.S. Census forms arrived in mailboxes across the United States in March. And it is critical that non-profit organizations and leaders encourage their constituents and clients to fill them out and mail them back as soon as possible. → More
Feb 13 2014 | By Mike Prokosch, Coordinator New Priorities Network
In this timely piece, Mike Prokosch explains what the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction failed to accomplish and what the status quo means to our non-profit organizations and the nation. → More
Feb 13 2014 | By Jonathan Spack, Executive Director Third Sector New England
In Great Britain there has long existed an active Cabinet-level Office for Civil Society (OCS). By contrast, most members of Congress are scandalously ignorant about the non-profit sector. This is despite the sector’s broad presence in every district, its 10... → More