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Mar 03 2014 | By TSNE
Online resources for your nonprofit legal compliance questions. → More
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Mar 03 2014 | By TSNE
Leadership styles can vary greatly depending on personal values, characteristics and preferences. At some point, non-profit leaders should evaluate their personal leadership style and reflect on how their style impacts their organization. → More
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Mar 03 2014 | By TSNE
Non-profit staff are unique in many ways. It is the responsibility of the human resources department to make sure that employees are upholding your organization’s mission and values. At the same time, human resources must protect the rights of the individual... → More
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Mar 03 2014 | By TSNE
All 501(c)3 non-profit agencies must be governed by a board of directors. It is the responsibility of the board to ensure that the mission of your organization is being upheld in a lawful and ethical manner. Board members work in partnership with your ... → More
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Mar 03 2014 | By TSNE
Third Sector New England develops programs and services to strengthen the non-profit sector and to work towards a more just and democratic society. TSNE also recognizes that as individuals, we can proactively engage in strategies that enhance our environment... → More
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Mar 03 2014 | By TSNE
Your fund-raising plan should be fully aligned with the mission and overall strategic effort of your organization. Fund development consists of more than just asking donors for money; it involves networking, building relationships, researching new funding... → More
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Mar 03 2014 | By Executive Transitions at TSNE
An executive transition is a critical time for a nonprofit. It can bring both uncertainty and opportunity to an agency’s future. As a growing number of baby boomers near retirement in the non-profit sector, greater attention has been given to executive... → More
Mar 03 2014 | By TSNE
Evaluation is the means to which nonprofits establish accountability to themselves, their clients and the public. Evaluation can be used to measure the impact and cost-effectiveness of an organization’s programs, as well as influence long-term planning, staff... → More
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Mar 03 2014 | By TSNE
Non-profit organizations are not immune to the institutional racism that pervades the larger society within which we exist. However, our sector is developing pathbreaking initiatives to be more reflective of all segments of that society. In so doing, we are ... → More
Mar 03 2014 | By TSNE
There are many reasons why a non-profit organization might consider a merger. The most important factor that you should consider when contemplating a merger is whether or not your nonprofit’s mission will be better accomplished through this change. Throughout... → More