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Feb 13 2014 | By Bob Greene
Some non-profit organizations experience frequent and, sometimes, debilitating conflict. Although individual disputes may draw a lot of attention, the overall pattern of conflict rarely does. So over the years, a culture of conflict and melodrama emerges. The... → More
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Feb 13 2014 | By Jay Leslie Idealware
An email list is one of the sharpest arrows in any nonprofit’s quiver. An effective list can maximize your reach, help foster closer relationships with constituents and improve fundraising. But what makes a list effective? → More
Feb 13 2014
The Center to Support Immigrant Organizing (CSIO) was founded in 2000 as a result of an assessment by a group of longtime immigrant rights advocates. The organizers identified the multiple barriers immigrant communities face in their efforts to organize for... → More
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Feb 13 2014
When Hurricane Katrina ripped through the Gulf Coast on August 29 and just three weeks later Hurricane Rita cut a deadly path through Florida, Texas and Louisiana, community-based organizations from across the United States were the first to respond.  While... → More
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Feb 13 2014 | By Myrna Greenfield, Principal Good Egg Marketing
In the previous article, marketing professional Myrna Greenfield recommended best practices about making connections on LinkedIn. In this final installment of a multipart series, she discusses several ways to keep in touch with and develop these connections. → More
Feb 13 2014 | By Tyra Sidberry, former Diversity & Inclusion Initiative Director, TSNE
TSNE’s Diversity & Inclusion Initiative is a unique resource for nonprofits working to create inclusive organizational cultures that support equal opportunity and access to power and influence. → More
Feb 13 2014
What follows reflects the insights and future-thinking shared in a fall 2005 interview with TSNE by Vinjay Bhagat, founder of Convio, an Internet software and services company providing online Constituent Relationship Management solutions for nonprofits. → More
Feb 13 2014 | By Elena Letona, former Director of Organizational Learning and Research, TSNE
Recently, TSNE cosponsored a gathering convened by Associated Grant Makers (AGM) to look at the effect that the current economic downturn is having on the state’s non-profit sector. → More
Feb 13 2014
While the original observance of May Day by the ancient Celts and Saxons celebrated the first spring planting, the meaning of the day was forever changed on May 1, 1886, when U.S. and Canadian workers declared a strike in support of the eight-hour workday. → More
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Feb 13 2014
Building green provides benefits to the health and safety of occupants, the community and the environment. These include: → More
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