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Feb 13 2014
From the Nonprofit Quarterly to the Foundation Center to Third Sector New England’s Organizational Transitions Program, well-executed non-profit collaboration has been shown to maximize resources, enhance visibility and even increase revenue for the... → More
Feb 13 2014 | By Jonathan Spack, Chief Executive Officer Third Sector New England
One result of the current economic situation is that many non-profit organizations, especially smaller ones or those dependent on public funding and/or a small number of private donors, are in difficult financial straits. Some of these groups are beginning to... → More
Feb 13 2014 | By Jonathan Spack, Executive Director Third Sector New England
A recently-published study by the high-profile Bridgespan Group has been getting a great deal of attention lately. The report, “Nonprofit Mergers and Acquisitions: More Than a Tool for Tough Times” promotes the idea that nonprofits – and their funders -... → More