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Dec 01 2009 | by Meave G. O’Marah, Founder and PrincipalThe Owner’s Representative
Key indicators are metrics and ratios that help assess the financial and operational health of your organization.What you measure depends on what your organization does and how it is structured. → More
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Jun 17 2009 | By TSNE
The Diversity and Inclusion Initiative (DII) kicked-off its Conversations with …, a lecture series exploring issues of diversity and inclusion, with a June 17, 2009, address by Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, renowned Georgetown University professor, CNN pundit, a... → More
Mar 01 2009 | By TSNE
In honor of Women’s History month, Michelle Sedaca, development and communications assistant at Casa Myrna Vazquez, interviewed local organizations advocating for women. → More
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Feb 01 2009 | By Tyra Sidberry, Diversity & Inclusion Initiative Director, TSNE MissionWorks. Denise Moorehead contributed to this article.
With the global economic crisis, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and tense relations between and among countries from Europe to Asia to the Middle East, Barack Obama – the United States’ first African-American president – is front and center on the world stage... → More
Jul 01 2008 | By TSNE MissionWorks
Rebranding Can Help Your Nonprofit Stand Out from the Crowd → More
Jan 01 2008 | By Jonathan Spack, Chief Executive Officer, TSNE MissionWorks
TSNE Executive Director Jonathan Spack was invited by a group of Japanese nonprofit leaders to meet with colleagues there and present at symposia in Osaka and Nagoya in late 2007. Subsequently, he was asked to share his thoughts and perspectives about... → More
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Dec 01 2007 | By Jonathan Spack, Executive Director, TSNE MissionWorks
On Monday, November 26, 2007, Wayne Glynn, information systems director at TSNE MissionWorks since 2000, passed away. Wayne, beloved by his fellow staff members, clients and associates, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2006.  He fought the disease... → More
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Nov 17 2007 | By TSNE
Elena Letona, former executive director of Centro Presente, Inc., spoke at our 11th Nonprofit Workout Luncheon Plenary (November 17, 2007) about nonprofit organizational leaders’ need to derive their “power” from constituent leadership. → More
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Nov 17 2007 | By TSNE
Patricia Brandes, senior advisor at the Barr Foundation, spoke at our 11th Nonprofit Workout Luncheon Plenary (November 17, 2007) about the role of foundations in building a network of nonprofit leaders that goes beyond organizational boarders – linking... → More
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Nov 17 2007 | By TSNE MissionWorks
Chrystal Kornegay, deputy director of Urban Edge, speaks about developing leadership within nonprofit organizations – supporting emerging leaders to support the development of leadership skills at all levels within organizations. → More
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