Upcoming Better Nonprofit Management Training Series Workshops

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Apr / 27 / 2017
Become a Power Presenter (April - Sold Out) Learn to be a powerful presenter! Not everyone feels comfortable in front of a crowd. Whether it’s presenting an informal report, delivering a keynote speech, or simply speaking up during a meeting, finding your true and confident voice can be a challenge. Using a theater-derived approach and practical “on-your-feet” exercises, this workshop will give you the tools required to engage your audience with warmth, confidence and clarity.
May / 4 / 2017
Fundraising 3.0 A successful fundraising program is not just about the money. Yet as development professionals we MUST talk about money. This half-day workshop will support non-profit professionals in practicing the “art of the ask.”
May / 18 / 2017
Finance for Poets Many nonprofit leaders advance in their careers because of their “programmatic” excellence. Too often, however, the nonprofit leader’s career path leaves an “experience gap” when it comes to financial management. If this scenario resonates with you, then this workshop is for you.
Jun / 1 / 2017
Advanced Supervision: Decode, Identify and Practice Successful supervisors skillfully adapt their own style to meet the needs of each individual they supervise. Decoding how much direction, feedback and autonomy staff needs is part of the equation. The other part is identifying and practicing supervisory skills and behaviors associated with styles that don’t necessarily come naturally.
Jun / 13 / 2017
Effective Supervision: Creating a Culture of Mutual Respect (June - Sold Out) Effective supervision contributes directly to mission effectiveness for your nonprofit. It is critical to maintaining a productive staff in the face of shifting and competing priorities. Strong supervision creates a culture of mutual respect in which employees and supervisors communicate regularly and clearly about job-related expectations, tasks and overall performance.