Jobs: TSNE

In this position, you will have an opportunity to work as part of a team of seven accountants that work together to support approximately seventy nonprofit organizations addressing their expense related tasks.
As the Grants and Finance Manager, you will be working with approximately 10 nonprofit organizations that TSNE MissionWorks fiscally sponsors, providing them with support around financial analysis, grants and financial management. You will be the primary contact, coordinating all communications between your projects and others at TSNE MissionWorks that support them .
As the Director of Consulting and Professional Learning, you will be in a newly created position in a department that has recently been re-aligned to be thought of as the programming and service team.
As the Consulting and Executive Transitions Associate, you will provide services and support in organizational development and capacity building, including organizational assessments, strategic planning, sustainability planning, board development, and support for executive transitions consulting projects.
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