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Emerging Consultants Training

Program begins January 2018
Apply by november 5!

TSNE MissionWorks is happy to be accepting applications for the 2018 winter cohort of our Emerging Consultants Training (ECT) program. This program will engage a diverse group of social change leaders who are interested in increasing their understanding of organizational development consulting. We are seeking applicants that have experience with and identify as part of communities of color.

The Emerging Consultants Training will provide organizational development (OD) practical frameworks, collaborative learning, and mentoring to participants. The cohort will receive training and coaching to build consulting skills so that they can go on to support organizations that engage in movement building and social change work.

We believe that seeding knowledge and building skills of social change leaders will help build the capacity of organizations and increase the transformative impact of organizational development consulting.

Through the Emerging Consultants Training, participants will develop:

  • An increased understanding of organizational development frameworks and tools
  • A deeper understanding of their individual skills and strengths in relation to organizational capacity building
  • Concrete knowledge about the field of consulting, including how to set up consulting engagements, the consulting scoping process, and more
  • Access to a depository of supplementary materials & resources
  • Coaching through real-life participant-identified consulting engagements
  • Connections with other social change activists and leaders interested in organizational capacity building

Who should apply? Social change activists and leaders who are interested in expanding their skills and knowledge to encompass organizational development consulting. Applicants should be from communities directly impacted by racial, economic, and social disparities.  There is limited space available and careful consideration will be given to the development of the cohort. We are seeking applicants who have:

  • 8 years or more experience in social change/movement-focused organizations or groups
  • Interest in supporting organizations/groups to achieve their long term goals through improving organizational capacity
  • Some exposure to consulting or coaching
  • Some exposure to organizational change processes (e.g. strategic planning, internal change committees, etc.)
  • Deep roots in communities directly impacted by social change/movement focused work

Please read more about this program on our website here.


The program structure involves three main components: 6 in-person training sessions, individual coaching, and participation in a learning network. There will be one short kick-off session, followed by five half day training sessions at the NonProfit Center near South Station.

The Emerging Consultants Training will launch in January 2018.

Apply online here.