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Farm & Sea to Campus Evaluation & Tracking Research Internship, Farm to Institution New England (temporary)

Mar / 17 / 2017

Organizational Description

Farm to Institution New England (FINE), a fiscally sponsored project of Third Sector New England (TSNE), is a six-state network of non-profit, public and private entities working collaboratively to mobilize the power of New England institutions to transform our food system.

Job Overview:

FINE’s Farm & Sea to Campus Network focuses on engaging stakeholders who are most involved in the campus sector such as food service directors and chefs, students, faculty, sustainability coordinators, administrators, distributors, farmers, fishermen, and other advocates. We engage these individuals and organizations by:

  • Organizing a Steering Committee and 4 working groups where stakeholders can contribute to the strategy and project work of the network;
  • Hosting gatherings of stakeholders so they can network, share best practices, and lessons learned;
  • Conducting surveys of dining directors to better understand their successes and challenges;
  • Sharing stories about campuses who have successfully incorporated local foods on their menus through case studies, blog posts, and in presentations;
  • Offering recipes, toolkits, and other resources via our website;
  • Connecting farmers and institutions directly where there are opportunities, and/or creating spaces where this can happen.

Much of what we do involves promoting and supporting local food procurement and consumption on campuses in the region. Recent metrics work carried out by FINE has confirmed that many campuses define local differently, hold different sets of values around the food they are most interested in purchasing, and do not have an effective tracking mechanism or clear goals. Given this, we created a working group to allow for discussion and recommendations around the best ways to measure and assess campus food systems regionally.

The Evaluation & Tracking working group’s purpose statement includes these needs for additional research:

  • Brainstorm and discuss the key indicators of success for the Farm & Sea to Campus Network in New England that can be used by the Network and its working groups to assess their effectiveness over time;
  • Conduct research to capture a list of the current Farm & Sea to Campus indicators and measurement tools being used in New England (this includes FINE's Metrics Project and Farm & Sea to Campus Survey, the Real Food Challenge Calculator, AASHE STARS, food service management company tools, and others);
  • Evaluate the existing indicators and tools and discuss their effectiveness and impact as related to the network’s indicators of success, then prepare a report that highlights their similarities and differences;
  • Create a memo that suggests potential next steps, including the identified needs for additional data collection, measurement, and analysis that can be done either in partnership with other entities or separately.

To meet our interest in moving forward on research related to the purpose of this working group, we are seeking a qualified intern to help the Farm & Sea to Campus Network reach its goals.

The internship will start on June 5, 2017 and conclude on August 18, 2017 (11 weeks), and will require a commitment of eight to ten hours per week, depending on the candidate’s availability. FINE is willing to work with students to create internships that can also qualify for academic credit. FINE will pay the intern $15/hour.

Essential Job Functions

Under the supervision of the Farm & Sea to Campus Coordinator, and with input from the Co-Chairs of the Evaluation & Metrics Working Group, the Farm & Sea to Campus Research Intern will conduct the following tasks:

  • Participate in planning calls every two weeks with the Farm & Sea to Campus Coordinator, and prepare any questions or materials necessary for review;
  • Join Evaluation & Metrics Working Group conference calls once per month at 2 pm in June, July, and August on the following dates:  June 8th, July 13th, August 10th;
  • Use this initial framework, to develop a list of the ideal indicators for a sustainable food system in the region by reviewing the FSC Network’s vision, review existing publications about farm to institution/sustainable dining on campus, discuss related matters with the Evaluation & Tracking working group;
  • Compile and assess current metrics and tracking tools used by campuses to measure their local and sustainable food system, and compare with the list of indicators.  Note any gaps that you find;
  • Document this information via a matrix, spreadsheet, or another tool, provide a written analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of different tools, and highlight where they do or do not measure the previously developed indicators of a sustainable regional food system. Discuss major gaps and provide brief recommendations for moving forward in evaluating how campuses are contributing to a more sustainable regional food system;
  • Compile information in an accessible format (toolkit, bulletin, decision tree, etc.) to help campuses better understand how others are tracking and what tools exist to help them;
  • Provide additional support to the Farm & Sea to Campus Network and related projects as needed.

Special Requirements

  • Preferably a resident of New England


  • Interest in or experience with farm to institution and food system work;
  • Preferred: Master’s Degree or working towards a Master’s Degree;
  • Ability to conduct qualitative research and analysis on provided topics;
  • Ability to organize information effectively for review and analysis;
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and Google Drive;
  • Ability to write clearly and concisely about complex topics for various audiences;
  • Strong interpersonal skills—feel comfortable making phone calls, conducting interviews by phone or in-person, and interacting with staff;
  • Comfortable working in a team that is primarily virtual;
  • Ability to work independently once provided with some direction.

To Apply

Applicants should submit a resume and a 1-2 paragraph email detailing their interest in and experience related to this position. Please submit your applications to Third Sector New England by April 17th, 2017. Follow-up calls/interviews may be necessary to determine the best candidate. We hope to identify the intern by May 1st, 2017.

We strongly encourage online applications.

Click here to apply.

We also accept applications by mail or fax. Apply by mail to: Third Sector New England, Attn: Employment Manager, Nonprofit Center, 89 South Street, Boston, MA  02111; or send by fax to: 617.896-9393.

Note: Individuals may also apply to the FINE Farm & Sea to Campus Internship position and could be hired for both positions.

As an EOE/AA employer, TSNE and Farm to Institution New England will not discriminate in its employment practices due to an applicant’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identification, veteran or disability status.