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Grassroots Speaker Series: Southeast Asian Coalition

Tuesday, January 23, 2018
6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
The NonProfit Center, Boston MA

Cost: Free to attend in-person or view livestream
Wheelchair accessible, located one block from South Station. Dinner will be served.

Learning and Action with Local Organizers

Anh Vu Sawyer will focus this evening’s conversation around her organization’s work to promote cultural mental health and wellness, youth programming for Southeast Asian communities, and how organizations might improve their cultural competence.


Anh Vu Sawyer and her family left Saigon, Vietnam via the American Embassy rooftop in 1975, a few hours after the fall of Saigon. As Executive Director of the Southeast Asian Coalition, she oversees the agency’s mission to provide critical assistance to SE Asian refugees, immigrants and low-income families so that they can thrive and contribute, while helping to preserve the Southeast Asian cultural heritage in Central MA. Anh is also a published author (Song of Saigon, Warner Books, 2003), essayist, and award winning instructor.

The Southeast Asian Coalition of Central Massachusetts is a nonprofit organization that supports, promotes and advocates for the success of the Southeast Asian immigrants in Central Massachusetts into the mainstream society.

Grassroots Speaker Series: Learning and Action with Local Organizers

In the midst of today’s hostile political climate, grassroots organizers remind us that the struggles of oppressed people are not new. TSNE MissionWorks, with our long history of nonprofit capacity building, seeks to use our platform to lift up the voices of grassroots community organizers working on some of our society’s most pressing issues.

The Grassroots Speaker Series highlights the creativity, resourcefulness, and resilience of local community organizers. Our speakers will share how their lived experiences shape their organizing and the difficulties they face leading grassroots organizations.

Our speakers will explain how audience members can get involved in supporting their work, and may include a facilitated action step during their talks. We hope that attendees will leave with ideas about how to continue to support these important organizations and causes in their own lives—as nonprofit workers, funders, students, or community members. 


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