Inclusion Initiative Report

Our vision is to promote the development of inclusive communities through support for cross-sector networks in communities of color working to address the root causes of poverty.

The Inclusion Initiative is a grant program of Third Sector New England that encourages collaborative, community-led solutions to solving the persistent and systemic problems that perpetuate poverty and inequality in our region.

In this report, read the Inclusion Initiative’s innovative vision to eradicate poverty through supporting inclusive solution that are community-led. Community means that everyone who is touched by or is a part of a community issue needs to participate in efforts to address that issue. 

The problem-solving process must involve a cross-section of participants from not only nonprofit organizations, but also community residents, faith-based organizations and leaders, public officials and private sector representatives. We must develop strategies that bring all of these parts of the community together in common cause. Only then can community capacity truly be strengthened. Only then can we tackle these communities’ problems at the source. The Inclusion Initiative has always held the principle of collaboration, and believes that wisdom is held by the community and the community knows best how to solve its problems. 

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Inclusion Initiative Report