Our Mission & Values

Third Sector New England provides information and services to build the knowledge, power, and effectiveness of individuals and organizations that engage people in community and public life. 

We act also to promote wider recognition of community-based organizations as the primary stewards of our core societal values.  The ultimate intention of our work is to create a more just and democratic society.

The Societal Vision Which Inspires Our Work

At TSNE, we envision a society grounded in and guided by principles of social and economic justice and mutual respect, where community-based organizations take the leadership role in shaping the country’s future. We believe that to realize this future, people must be actively engaged in building and holding responsible the systems that affect their lives. It is our role in the nonprofit sector to catalyze and sustain the activities, which are the vehicles for this process.

About Our Name

The third sector is made up of groups of people involved in all types of civic engagement activities in their communities. These groups often act as change agents while working on issues of social and economic justice. The sector includes nonprofit leaders and staff members at every level, paid or voluntary; funders of nonprofit activity; and concerned people in the business and government sectors.

Third Sector New England seeks to promote the diversity and richness of this sector by supporting the variety of activities that happen within it.