Project Profiles


SeaPlan strives to achieve a future in which vibrant coastal economies and societies are sustained by resilient ocean ecosystems supported by best practices in ocean management.

The SeaPlan team has been actively engaged in the practice of Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning (CMSP) since 2007. Building on our experiences and lessons learned in Massachusetts and the northeast region of the U.S., we are well-positioned to assist others tackling CMSP or related challenges, including:

  • State governments/agencies developing an ocean management plan for their waters
  • Federal agencies involved in CMSP
  • Regional governmental entities charged with developing Coastal and Marine Spatial Plans under the 2010 National Ocean Policy and Executive Order
  • Private interests – such as marine dependent industries, technology businesses and other enterprises – wishing to capitalize on valuable byproducts of CMSP, including increasing data availability and emerging models/ tools/products
  • Foundations seeking to affect change by developing the scientific basis for policy/management decisions and/or by advancing communications and processes to support meaningful stakeholder/public engagement in public policy

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