Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal Sponsorship Splash Photo from Active Living by Design

Providing Management Support to Mission-Driven Groups Seeking to Make the World a Better Place

Imagine a new way to structure your programs—without building the intensive infrastructure required to run a stand-alone organization.

Fiscal sponsorship offers solutions to foundations, nonprofit groups, networks and coalitions by providing management support services to programs so staff can focus on their mission and program goals. Third Sector New England is a trusted partner and efficiently manages your finances, governance, human resources, insurance needs and other increasingly complex compliance issues associated with running a nonprofit.

Comprehensive fiscal sponsorship offers a home for both unincorporated and incorporated groups working for social justice. These agents of change work on the pertinent issues of our day, including food security, alternative education, health access and criminal justice reform.

We provide support for nonprofits at any stage of development and growth, including:

  • Groups forming new nonprofits, coalitions and networks
  • Spinoffs programs scaling beyond their start-up phase
  • Programs needing an interim home in transition to gaining 501(c)(3) status
  • Established nonprofits seeking to reduce administrative costs and overhead

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