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We strive to increase the affordability of our services to the organizations who need us the most, increase service to nonprofits that work with historically marginalized communities, and ensure that the organizations we support are committed to social justice.

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We offer a personalized approach to executive search and transition with the resources and capacity of a larger institution. We’re dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion, not only in values, but in practice.

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In our 2022 annual report, we unveiled our updated mission, vision, values, and goals, along with a new three-year strategic plan.

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We are commited to do the work across the nonprofit sector to build a more equitable society. Read our research and publications aimed towards creating change.

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View salary data by organization budget, employee population, location, or field of service. Salary information represents reporting on nearly 35,000 individual salaries.

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We are a capacity building organization that partners with nonprofit organizations to provide the services, programs, and resources they need to support their communities and ultimately, create a more equitable society. 


Come work with us. Our office is located in the NonProfit Center at 89 South Street in downtown Boston. We value our nonprofit workforce by providing a comprehensive benefits package.

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As a fiscal sponsor, we are the employer of record for more than 50 organizations across the country. Find opportunities across the country.


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Emerging Consultants of Color Training Program

Applications for the 2024 virtual cohort are closed. To be notified when applications open for the next cohort, sign up for the TSNE newsletter.

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Transform Your Passion into Practice: Drive Change Through a Consulting Career

Community-based organizations are the lifeline of our society, tirelessly working to uphold and advance equity and systemic change. Yet, as these organizations face complex challenges, the demand for skilled, diverse consultants to support their advancement has never been greater. Recognizing the lack of accessible pathways for diverse leaders in the consulting field, TSNE developed the Emerging Consultants of Color Training (ECCT) Program to address this critical need, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in consulting.  

Join this program to transform your passion for social change into a sustainable consulting career. 

About the Program

Launched in 2016 and now in its third iteration, the ECCT Program has been carefully designed to engage social change leaders in a deep dive into building out a consulting practice to serve the nonprofit sector, especially community-based organizations. The program offers resources, networks, and guided support to help leaders thrive as consultants and entrepreneurs of color, fostering a rich peer learning environment, mentorship opportunities, and insightful engagements with seasoned professionals in the field. 

At the heart of this program lies a commitment to amplifying diversity and inclusion in the consulting field. We want to build a sector where your unique perspectives and experiences are not only valued but are crucial for fostering innovation and effectiveness. You’ll be immersed in a comprehensive learning experience, meticulously crafted to equip you with the business planning, marketing, and consulting expertise necessary to transform your practice. 

Program Highlights 

The ECCT Program unfolds over an eight-week hybrid model, featuring two in-person sessions and six virtual sessions, designed around three core pillars:

  1. The Art of Consulting: Unlocking the potential of your advisory skills to make meaningful impacts
  2. The Business of Consulting: Navigating the essentials of building and sustaining a successful consulting practice
  3. The Practice of Consulting: Applying your skills and knowledge in real-world settings for maximum impact

You will graduate with not only a clearer vision of their consulting practice, personal leadership values, and impact goals, but also:


  • A toolbox of consulting skills, frameworks, and resources
  • A draft consulting business plan and marketing and communications plan
  • Opportunities to connect with TSNE’s extensive nonprofit network
  • An expanded network of fellow consultants
  • Mentorship
  • A certificate of completion

Program Schedule

All sessions run virtually from 5:00pm – 8:00pm EST, EXCEPT on July 12 and September 6 when sessions will take place in person from 10:00am – 4:00pm EST at the Nonprofit Center at 89 South Street, Boston, MA 02111.

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Date Session Format
July 12 Session 1   In-person
July 17   Session 2 Virtual  
July 24  Session 3 Virtual  
July 31   Session 4 Virtual  
August 8 Session 5 Virtual  
August 14   Session 6 Virtual  
August 21 Session 7 Virtual  
September 6 Session 8 In-person (with optional celebration dinner 5:00pm7:00pm)   


Program Cost & Accessibility

True to our commitment to accessibility and equity, the ECCT Program is offered on a sliding scale based on individual access to capital, with generous support from the TJX Foundation and Barr Foundation. This approach ensures that financial barriers do not hinder participation, fostering a diverse and inclusive cohort. 

You will pay the tuition cost corresponding to your access to capital. The sliding scale is based on an individual’s annual salary or gross income, which serves as a guide to help you make an informed decision around the cost you will pay.

Please reach out to programs team at trainings@tsne.org with any questions about the program or program costs. 

Individual Salary or Income Tuition Cost
> $101,000 $1,000
$76,000 – $100,000 $750
$51,000 – $75,000 $500
< $50,000 $250

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