Upcoming Training and Events

Oct / 18 / 2018
Moving Beyond Diversity to Inclusion (This workshop is full) How do organizations create an environment where people feel they can actively participate, and where their contributions are respected and valued? This workshop is about taking that next step toward moving beyond the individualism of diversity to the systemic and cultural change needed to build inclusive organizations.
Oct / 23 / 2018
Effective Supervision (Oct) (This workshop is full) Effective supervision contributes directly to mission effectiveness at your nonprofit. Through this highly participatory training designed for supervisors with all levels of experience, learn how provide strong supervision that builds a culture of mutual respect.
Oct / 30 / 2018
Fund Development: Cultivation and Solicitation A successful fundraising program is as much about knowing your donors as it is about achieving financial goals. Join Anne Peyton, CFRE and Jenn Hayslett for an interactive and engaging day of practice in “listening the gift” and the “art of the ask.” You will learn best practices and develop the skills involved in donor-centered fundraising conversations.
Nov / 1 / 2018
Healing Justice: Film Screening and Public Dialogue Join us for a free screening of Dr. Shakti Butler’s newest film, Healing Justice, which explores the causes and consequences of the current North American justice system and its effect on marginalized communities.
Nov / 7 / 2018
Battle for Hearts and Minds Frustrated by the way the public thinks and talks about the issues you care about? This workshop will break through the mystique of the public narrative, present clear strategies to identify the current state of hearts and minds around your cause, and offer ways you can begin to shift the way people think.
Nov / 8 / 2018
Leadership Across Generations In a talk that is both personal and poignant, Kadesh demonstrates some of the key methods for addressing differences in our internal leadership narratives across the generations and levels of seniority in the workplace, with the use of authentic leadership.
Nov / 29 / 2018
Align Your Mission to Your Nonprofit Programming This workshop will take program and front line staff through a series of questions and group activities that will help them design an effective logic model to propel their organization.
Dec / 5 / 2018
Becoming a Power Presenter Learn to be a powerful presenter. Using a theater-derived approach and practical “on-your-feet” exercises, this workshop will give you the tools required to engage your audience with warmth, confidence and clarity.
Dec / 20 / 2018
Telling your Nonprofit’s Story in the Digital Age Great storytelling is the best way to capture the attention, as well as the hearts and minds, of your supporters. In this workshop, Julia Campbell, author of the new book, “Storytelling in the Digital Age: A Guide for Nonprofits”, will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating digital storytelling campaigns to raise awareness and funds, increase engagement with your online community, and accomplish your marketing goals.
Dec / 21 / 2018
Finance for Poets Many nonprofit leaders advance in their careers because of their “programmatic” excellence. Too often, however, the nonprofit leader’s career path leaves an “experience gap” when it comes to financial management. If this scenario resonates with you, then this workshop is for you.