Inclusion Initiative

The Inclusion Initiative is a grant program of TSNE MissionWorks that encourages cross-sector networks to accelerate their commitments to solving the persistent and systemic problems that perpetuate poverty and inequality in our region through collaboration.

Our vision is to promote the development of “inclusive communities” through support and technical assistance for cross-sector networks in communities of color working to address the root causes of poverty in six main areas—arts & culture, education, healthcare, environmental justice, community and economic development, and youth development.

This vision is founded on the belief that there can be no racial justice without equity, and no equity without an end to poverty.

The six issues on which II will focus its support are, in many ways, the central pillars of poverty in low-income communities, especially in low-income communities of color. These pillars have their roots in systemic causes. Deeply-rooted systems of oppression block progress for people of color in each of these areas. It will take systemic solutions to help break down these oppressive structures and create the new foundations which make equity and justice possible.

Meet our grantee networks