Inclusion Initiative

Since 2014, TSNE MissionWorks has supported community-led and cross-sector networks in addressing educational, economic, environmental, and racial inequities through a grant program called the Inclusion Initiative. The Inclusion Initiative has provided nearly $865,000 in grants for 15 networks in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Grants helped these networks achieve significant impact, such as state legislation that recognizes worker-owned cooperatives as legal business entities; a progressive policing ordinance; the development of an incubation program for Indigenous artists; a resident-led community investment fund; and an indigenous language immersion school that is expected to increase the educational outcomes of marginalized students.

In 2017, the Inclusion Initiative launched a program planning process to inform the next iteration of the work. Comprised of a diverse group of TSNE MissionWorks program, leadership staff and board members and drawing on feedback from the community, the planning team identified a critical question that gets at the work of the Inclusion Initiative and the work of TSNE MissionWorks itself: How can TSNE MissionWorks better support and build the capacity of organizations and groups that work to advance equity?

To answer this question, TSNE MissionWorks seeks to deepen our own understanding of the capacity building supports these groups need and, eventually, to develop our own capacity to provide these supports.

In recognition of these needs, TSNE MissionWorks is discontinuing the Inclusion Initiative as it has been historically structured. We maintain a deep commitment to addressing inequity and will focus our energies over the next year or so on understanding the capacity building needs of groups working to advance equity, and on identifying ways that TSNE MissionWorks can best meet those needs.

“Over the past five years, it has been my honor and privilege to partner with and learn from so many courageous leaders and incredible organizations working for social justice in their communities,” says Trina Jackson, Community Engagement Manager, TSNE MissionWorks. “They will inspire me every day to deepen our practice in supporting groups that advance equity.”

Inclusion Initiative Grantees

Barbershop Health Network

Blue Hill Corridor Planning Network

Boston Tenant Coalition

Care Worker Democracy Network

Boston Immigrant Youth Leadership and Solidarity Initiative

Independent Women’s Project Network 

Boston Indigenous Empowerment Initiative

Mattapan Planning Authority

Mattapan United

P.O.W.E.R. Network (People Owning Wider Economic Resources)

Roxbury Food Justice Hub

Standing Together to End Poverty and Undo Profiling (STEP UP Network)

Ujima Project

Wampanoag Language Children’s House Network

Worcester Solidarity and Green Economy Network