Initiatives for Our Community

We envision a society grounded in and guided by principles of social and economic justice and mutual respect, where community-based organizations take the leadership role in shaping the country’s future.

This vision is reflected in our organization’s values, in the ways we work with our constituents and in our commitments to supporting our community.

Third Sector New England is a participatory and inclusive organization that values diversity, continuous learning and improvement. We share our learning and values with our constituents through our programs and services, by making grants to support nonprofit collaboration and through our leadership of and participation in local, regional and national field- and movement-building initiatives.

In valuing differences and working together as a sector, TSNE and our fellow nonprofits build the capacity and infrastructure to develop and deliver services and programs that give power and voice to communities. Nonprofits are empowered to maintain relevance as active, vital contributors to the development of society, and create lasting systemic change that shifts power and influence in our society. 

Learn more about our grant program for community-led groups.