Programs + Services for Nonprofits

Our Services Help Nonprofits Work Better So They Can Do Better Work

Nonprofit Consulting & Strategy

Our team of skilled and experienced consultants guide nonprofits on a path toward success. We build on your organization’s strengths and assist in making your nonprofit more effective, more collaborative, and in touch with constituents. Third Sector New England works closely with nonprofits to identify and address the challenges you face and craft strategies for success.

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Leadership Coaching & Development

Our leadership programs support nonprofit executives and boards by building their capacity to lead sustainable and impactful organizations that are responsive to change. The program builds on the success of Third Sector New England’s expertise in convening, coaching and networking together our regions nonprofit leaders to gain skills, share knowledge and develop strategies to make a deeper impact on the communities we serve.

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Executive Transitions

Successful leadership transitions are pivotal moments in the lifecycle of a nonprofit. That is why our consulting program facilitates executive transitions and search services to help you find just the right leader for your organization. Our unique transition management strategy combines capacity-building services—staff development, organizational development and leadership coaching—with executive search to ensure the organization is well positioned for long-term success.

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Fiscal Sponsorship

Our fiscal sponsorship program offers solutions to foundations, nonprofits, groups and coalitions who are imagining new ways to structure their programs – without building the intensive infrastructure required to run a stand-alone nonprofit. Whether planning a new venture, spinning off a successful start-up, interested in reducing your administrative overhead or transitioning to 501(c)(3) status, fiscal sponsorship is a unique model providing you with professional management and administrative services so you can focus on achieving your mission.

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Training & Workshops

Our in-person and online trainings provide a dynamic and interactive experience to nonprofit professional looking to gain new skills. Our management and leadership training workshops and educational events are designed to help staff at all levels develop the best client-centered programs and become more effective leaders, managers and administrators.

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