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Dec 17, 2013 | News

The Nonprofit Centers Network joins TSNE, charts vision for the future of nonprofit real estate

Boston, Mass., December 18, 2013 — The Nonprofit Centers Network (NCN), a network of nonprofits and philanthropic leaders from the financial, real estate, and public sectors dedicated to creating and operating quality nonprofit workspace, today announced that it will become a fiscally sponsored project of Boston-based TSNE as it charts a path to becoming an independent organization. Executive Director Sarah Eisinger will lead the organization through its transition and open a main office in Denver, CO at the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado, a nationally recognized nonprofit shared space.

NCN previously operated under the aegis of Tides, developer of the Thoreau Centers for Sustainability in San Francisco and New York. In 2013, NCN elected to leave Tides to pursue its independence.

“For more than 10 years, Tides has provided a home and a living laboratory for the Nonprofit Centers Network. It grew from an informal network into a vibrant membership association that is well positioned to become a premiere nonprofit real estate development and consulting venture,” says Gary D. Schwartz, interim CEO, Tides. “We are proud of our contribution to this effort and we wish Ms. Eisinger and her team great success in all their future endeavors.”

“We are excited to provide fiscal sponsorship to our fine colleagues at NCN during this transitional period,” says Jonathan Spack, executive director, TSNE, a founding member of the Nonprofit Centers Network. “Our management, administrative and organizational development services are designed to help groups in all stages of development, including transition to independent status. We look forward to working closely with NCN in building the field of social purpose real estate.”

“I am thrilled to lead this next chapter of the Nonprofit Centers Network.” says Sarah Eisinger, executive director, Nonprofit Centers Network. “In the coming year, we will continue to support the development of shared nonprofit workspaces, while expanding our focus to the broader field of nonprofit real estate. This strategic shift will enable us to better serve our members and communities across the U.S. and Canada. We plan to become the leading resource for social purpose real estate in North America.”

Currently, NCN has more than 160 members across the United States and Canada. Over 350 shared nonprofit workspaces already exist in North America – and that number is growing. Another 250 projects are known to be in some stage of exploration or development.

Second only to personnel costs, real estate is the largest expenditure for nonprofit organizations and has a significant impact on a nonprofit’s long-term financial viability. Organizations and communities contemplating real estate projects with a social purpose can benefit from the body of work that the NCN community has developed over the past decade. These resources include best practices for conducting feasibility studies, selling or purchasing property, managing facilities, fostering collaboration among tenant communities and other activities that require specialized knowledge not readily available in the nonprofit sector.

“Social purpose real estate is exploding in communities across North America — with arts organizations, healthcare and wellness groups, and entrepreneurs that co-locate in space for a social purpose,” says Andy Johnston, executive director, Loudoun Cares and board chair Nonprofit Centers Network Steering Committee. “Shared space brings tremendous value and efficiencies that help nonprofits better met their missions, steward their resources in more responsible ways and work across sectors to solve social problems. We are confident that NCN will continue to grow and be a valuable resource in creating new models of real estate development that benefits the nonprofit sector.”


About the Nonprofit Centers Network
Founded in 2004, the Nonprofit Centers Network (www.nonprofitcenters.org) is a community of nonprofit and philanthropic leaders and professionals from the financial, real estate, and public sectors dedicated to sharing their knowledge and networks for creating and operating quality nonprofit workspace. NCN’s core program focuses on the following four areas: training professionals to manage complex real estate projects; developing tools and resources for nonprofits drawing on first-hand peer experience; providing tailored consulting to projects on a fee-for-service basis; and convening Building Opportunities, the largest conference of nonprofit real estate practitioners biannually.

About TSNE
Since its founding in 1959, TSNE (www.tsne.org) has focused on building the knowledge, power and effectiveness of nonprofits and individuals so they can better help communities leverage resources, solve problems, identify opportunities – and thrive. We use innovative models and strategies in our work to support organizations committed to social change.

Sandy St. Louis, Communications Manager

Sarah Eisinger, Executive Director
The Nonprofit Centers Network