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Feb 13 2014 | By Gloria A. Ramón, former Development Manager, TSNE
With a commitment to living out a social justice mission internally, as well as externally, Teen Voices started a diversity initiative in 2004. Teen Voices is a unique local journalism mentoring program for teenage girls based in Boston. - Ed. → More
Feb 13 2014 | By Ayeesha M. Lane, former Inclusion Initiative Program Manager Third Sector New England
On December 1, 1955, a seamstress named Rosa Louise McCauley Parks got on the bus at Cleveland Avenue in Montgomery, Ala., around 6:00 p.m. Mrs. Parks paid her fare and sat down in the front row of backseats in the “colored” section of the bus. As the bus... → More
Feb 13 2014 | By Tyra Sidberry, former Diversity & Inclusion Initiative Director, TSNE
TSNE’s Diversity & Inclusion Initiative is a unique resource for nonprofits working to create inclusive organizational cultures that support equal opportunity and access to power and influence. → More
Feb 01 2009 | By Tyra Sidberry, Diversity & Inclusion Initiative Director, Third Sector New England. Denise Moorehead contributed to this article.
With the global economic crisis, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and tense relations between and among countries from Europe to Asia to the Middle East, Barack Obama – the United States’ first African-American president – is front and center on the world stage... → More